Beach Activities, Fun in the Sun!

Sandpiper Amenities

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What can you do at the beach? Almost anything! There’s swimming, floating aimlessly on an inflatable raft and searching for seashells of course, but there is so much more fun in the sun to be had on the beach!

The beach is the perfect place for socializing (especially today with all the social distancing) because you can enjoy good company in a great atmosphere. It’s also a wonderful place for a date. Enjoy the gentle sea breezes and lovely view with your boo, have a picnic or, if you feel so inclined, bury your date in the sand. How deep can be entirely dependent upon how well the date goes. Kidding!

When it comes to the kids, the beach is the perfect playground. Build a sandcastle or fly a kite. These favorite pastimes are so popular here that New Smyrna Beach even has sandcastle competitions and kite flying festivals! Treasure hunts are fun too because New Smyrna Beach offers miles of sand for hiding buried treasure.

The beach is also an excellent place to work out. Stretch, exercise in place, do some yoga or jog along the beach. It’s healthier because the beach provides a lower impact run than the street, sidewalk or a treadmill…and it’s much prettier too! For those a little less ambitious, you can catch some rays, take a nap or read a few chapters of a mindless romance novel.

You can also snorkel, surf, boogie board or round up a rousing game of beach volleyball at the beach. Board games, like checkers, chess and backgammon, can even be more fun when you play them at the beach. Or take your dog to frolic with you on the beach. There are plenty of dog-friendly beaches here in New Smyrna.