Vacation Checklist

Sandpiper Amenities

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What should you place on your vacation checklist if you are planning a stay in New Smyrna Beach? If you’re not driving down, you need to shop for cost-effective flights and maybe a rental car for getting around once you arrive. Keep in mind that car rentals should be booked well in advance if possible because there tends to be limited inventory lately. 

Additionally, you will need to estimate the amount of spending money you will need, which should be less if you rent a condo. Condos have kitchens, which can save you money if you eat in part of the time. It can also be more convenient to just grab a snack or a quick bowl of cereal before you head out. Condos typically cost less than hotels too, so you can save on the overall price of your accommodations. 

If you stay in an amenity-flush condo like The Sandpiper, you will also have a washer and dryer, so you can pack less. Speaking of packing, if you are headed to New Smyrna Beach, flip flops are required footwear and don’t forget your sunglasses and bathing suit! Most places in New Smyrna Beach are casual, so you don’t need to focus too much on dress clothes while packing. It’s also a great idea to bring a beach bag. You can flatten them so they pack well or they can double as a carry-on or purse. 

If you plan a spring or fall vacation in Central Florida, you should be okay with clothes that will serve you well in warm weather. If you visit Florida in the summer, you may want to pack a lightweight rain jacket since we get a lot of (albeit usually short-lived) afternoon storms that time of year. If your Florida vacation is planned anytime between November and March, you may need a light jacket and some long pants just in case we get cooler weather in the evenings or a surprise cold snap. 

Don’t forget to add the good stuff to your checklist. If you love the beach, Sandpiper condos offer oceanfront views from each patio or balcony. Then just sit back and relax or head out for beachside fun. Check!