Clever Local Tricks to Use When You Go to the Beach

Sandpiper Amenities

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Beach lovers are usually pretty knowledgeable about what can make a good beach day better, but there are some clever local tricks that you may not have considered. 

Let’s start with the more obvious ones…

Don’t feed the seagulls. No one likes to get swarmed by birds and who ever said, “I love it when the seagulls poop on me”? No one, ever 

Get to the beach early. Parking is better so you won’t have to walk as far and it’s less crowded so you can get a better spot. 

Ever hear the saying, “When thunder roars, get indoors”? A good thing to do if you are on the beach and it starts to rain is to sit in your car and just wait it out. Your car can provide a safe refuge and storms don’t typically last too long in New Smyrna Beach.

If you like to swim in the ocean, you want to get out past that first break. Just make sure you keep well aware of postings for rip currents and, it probably goes without saying, but swim near a lifeguard.

Now, the following beach tips may surprise you…

While you are on the beach, hide your valuables in your locked car or wrap them in a diaper. No one expects to find treasure in a diaper and, once again, no one likes to deal with poop, except maybe monkeys.

After all that beach fun, we attempt to brush as much beach sand off of our bodies as we can, but if you bring a jug of water and keep it in your car, you can wash it all off before you get in, making the beach sand elimination process even easier and your vehicle cleaner.

Now that you have all the knowledge we locals can impart, Grasshopper, you are ready. Go hit that beach!