Taste the Best of Barbeque in New Smyrna Beach

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Taste the Best of Barbeque in New Smyrna Beach

Down South, there’s certainly no shortage of barbeque joints. We do it right down here – from big chains, like Sonny’s and Dustin’s, to those wonderful mom and pop gems we all love to uncover. You may not know it, but, without a doubt, New Smyrna Beach can also hold its own when it comes to the Q. 

Like your sandwiches loaded with meat and dripping with sauce? Crave that smoky flavor only a seasoned barbeque pro can provide? Well, then, there are two places in New Smyrna you just have to try. 

Let’s start with a traditional favorite. You’ll find Finger Lickin’ on Orange Street; and its brisket – that is juicy, falls apart when you touch it and is crispy in all the right places – will leave you cryin’. I’m not lyin’. Finger Lickin’ is an old school barbeque that offers you barbeque by the sandwich, platter or pound; and aside from the tried and true barbeque menu items such as pulled pork, ribs and wings, you can order up some fried shrimp or catfish too. Heck, they even serve gizzards and greens for the real old school crowd. Speaking of crowds, this place always draws one, and it’s no wonder because the smells that drift down that street are tantalizing!

Then you have the newer kid on the block, but that’s not to say Sundown Smokehouse on Dixie Freeway is new to the Q, ‘cause these folks really rock it too! Just like Finger Lickin’ (which you will surely do before you’re done at either of these fine establishments), Sundown Smokehouse offers all the usual suspects, but they also do turkey breast, tri-tip and you have to try their deliciously crispy burnt ends. Like your chicken the same way you like your ribs? Get one whole or halved, and if you’ve got a sweet tooth, enjoy your meal with fresh brewed sweet tea or top it off with an orange muffin.  They’ve even got family meal deals; and here’s another nice bonus…you’ll like the people as much as their menu!