Eating Healthy in New Smyrna Beach

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Eating healthy is always a good idea, whether you are at home or on vacation, and in New Smyrna Beach it can be done with style and flair which result in a sumptuous cornucopia of flavor to savor.

If you like to buy fresh, local fruits and vegetables, all at an affordable price, let’s start with New Smyrna Beach Farm Market, a faithful New Smyrna Beach staple since 1991. Aside from being a great source for seasonal produce, this market is a wonderful place to pick up fresh citrus juices, as well as flowers and handcrafted items such as pottery and jewelry.

Then, of course, there is Perrine’s Produce, a palate pleaser to be sure! Perrine’s Produce is a family owned establishment that takes “farmer’s market” to a whole new level, with fresh produce at unbelievable prices and a whole lot more. Perrine’s Produce in New Smyrna Beach offers an entire line of Amish products, including dairy items, pickled veggies and old fashioned snacks. They have deli to die for and homemade side salads of many varieties to boot. Perrine’s also sells local honey that oozes with flavor and any type of dressings and canned salsas and sauces you can imagine.

Plus, New Smyrna Beach offers delightful dining venues, like Café Verde, that help us adhere to a healthy and balanced diet…deliciously. Established in 2012, Café Verde prepares unique dishes composed of natural, locally grown combinations and offers plenty of options for vegetarians. The Café Verde menu offers delectable choices such as seared sesame crusted ahi tuna with jasmine rice and avocado in a spicy ginger sauce or a tender kale salad with homemade garlic lemon dressing. If your tastes lean a little Mexican, try a steak, mahi or roasted lamb rice bowl with black beans, pico de gallo and guacamole. Or go Greek and tempt your tastebuds with a vegetarian gyro that is bursting with flavor.