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NSB Jazz Festival

The NSB Jazz Festival has come around again and this year its happening on September 25th and going through to September 27th. First off, this is a wonderful event for anyone in the area. The promotion of art and music is astounding and inspiring. It is truly a magical experience through the whole event. It surely isn’t a local New Smyrna Beach event that you should miss. We wanted to take an opportunity to tell everyone we can about the event as it is an amazing experience. To better explain the NSB Jazz Festival, here is their ‘About’ section so its straight from their mouths not mine.

The New Smyrna Beach Jazz Festival is one of Central Florida’s premier music events.  It is a lively three day affair with great jazz, delicious food and lots of fun.  Flagler Avenue has proven to be the perfect location, with concert  goers going from club to club all day from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian River. Through the years, the festival has expanded to include Third Avenue, Canal Street, Atlantic Avenue and the North Causeway in New Smyrna Beach.

The first event was in September of 2001.  It began when founder, Marc Monteson took action on an idea the Merchants of Flagler Association had for creating an event to help bring traffic to local businesses during the slow time of the year.

By 2014, the festival had grown to 24 venues hosting visitors from 10 states and featuring top name jazz musicians from all over including New Smyrna’s own, the late Harold Blanchard.

Today, the New Smyrna Beach Jazz Festival has become a top-notch weekend musical event with help from many private and public donations, several local volunteers for the festival weekend and the dedication of Marc Monteson.

For even more information on the NSB Jazz Festival, visit their website made custom by us at: http://nsbjazzfest.com/

To quickly view a printable schedule of events for this year visit: CLICK HERE

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