Beach Packing Checklist

Sandpiper Amenities

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We at the Sandpiper Condominiums wanted to help those avid beach-goers by making a comprehensive beach packing checklist. Forgetting to bring something to the beach is a very unfortunate experience and having a checklist is a wonderful way to be able to remember every item needed to have a great time along the sunny Florida beaches!


Many beach-goers never bring any water but its EXTREMELY important to bring tons of water to stay hydrated. You may not think you are sweating and dehydrating while swimming through the shiny waves of the ocean, but you just well might be! Pack water before anything else and don’t forget to drink it!

2. Sunscreen

We all know to bring sunscreen but this of course needs to be on the checklist. For so many reasons it is an important item from the pain of sunburns to possible skin cancer. Bring it and don’t forget to apply it occasionally.

3. Chairs or Blankets

Sitting down on sand or putting things down on sand is just not fun and not wanted. Bringing chairs and/or a blanket will help everyone get comfortable and stay comfortable.

4. Extra towels

We should all remember to bring our towel with us to dry off, but bringing a few more towels will alleviate many problems. What if you get your original towel too wet or too sandy? Well just use your extra!

5. Entertainment!

Don’t just go to the beach just for the beach! There is so much more you can do from football, to Frisbee, to books, to water things like boogie board, to anything else! Maybe bring some shovels and buckets for sand castles and whatnot. You can never bring too much.