Join a Friendly Pickleball Game at The Sandpiper!

Sandpiper Amenities

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A little like tennis…a bit like badminton…somewhat like ping-pong…it’s pickle ball and it’s becoming wildly popular! Named after a pickle boat because that was the last boat to return home with its catch, pickle ball was first invented in the 1960’s as a fun backyard game for children. It has since evolved into a game that everyone enjoys. Its small court, requiring only limited movement, makes it easy for all ages and it’s also easy to learn!

You can play pickle ball one-on-one or two-against-two. Solid paddles are used to hit a wiffle ball – which, by the way, spins unlike the balls in any of the racket sports mentioned above – over a net. The rules are a little different too. You use an underarm serve and points can only be scored on the serve. Teammates have to switch spots after every point and you win when you reach eleven, if you are ahead by at least two.

And here’s the even better news! Continually committed to the pleasure and amusement of guests, The Sandpiper in New Smyrna Beach has just added a new pickle ball court to its host of resort-style amenities. In addition to pickle ball, The Sandpiper provides luxurious seaside accommodations just steps from the beautiful white sand beach and offers a wide array of delightful vacation activities including shuffleboard, lounging by the pool and tennis. You can even practice your putt on Sandpiper’s putting green!

So pack your bag, come for a stay and join in a friendly game of pickle ball at The Sandpiper. It’s the only pickle you are likely to find yourself in there!