How to Dress for a Visit to New Smyrna Beach

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It’s New Smyrna Beach, so dress to impress? No way, don’t stress! New Smyrna Beach is a beachside town full of charm and frivolity and certainly never known to be stuffy. It’s a casual scene in New Smyrna Beach. Think beachy. Think laid-back. Think comfortable.

Versatile outfits like flirty, flattering sundresses and khaki shorts – that can be considered dressing up or down – are handy for fitting in anywhere in New Smyrna Beach. If you are on vacation, pack clothes that are interchangeable and can be mixed and matched for style and ease. 

A nice pair of sandals is an excellent accessory. Sandals will work with almost any style you choose, and they are comfortable and easy to pack. Also easy is using your favorite one-piece bathing suit to double as a cute top. Just throw a pair of shorts or slacks on top and it will look like a stylish body suit!

Wearing light colors will keep things cool. To beat the heat, you can also go with breathable materials like cotton and retro gingham. Speaking of cool, an adorable sunhat can keep the sun’s rays at bay while making you look super-hot! It’s a stylish addition that’s perfect attire for everything from enjoying lunch at a trendy outdoor café to lounging on the beach.

Oh and one last thought…New Smyrna Beach is full of sun and fun, so don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen!