Check Weather Reports Before Vacationing

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Tropical storms…tornadoes…hurricanes…Tis the season! Hurricane season runs from June 1st through
November 30 th , with August through October winning the award for height of peak season. Whether you
are traveling at this time of year or any other, it behooves you to check on the weather before you

When booking your flight and accommodations, if you check the weather, you will be able to see if there
are any storms brewing off in the distance that have the potential to develop into something bigger or
take a path through or nearby your vacation destination. It’s a good idea to avoid any budding weather
problems if you can.

It’s great when you CAN decide whether or not it is a good week for vacation based on the weather
reports, but many of us have to book our vacations well in advance so that we can schedule work, our
families, and book flights and accommodations. If you are in this predicament, you’ll want to check
cancelation policies with airlines and accommodations before booking.

Look for items such as “Cancel for Any Reason” and see if hurricanes are listed under “Trip Cancelation.”
Make certain you are covered for “Trip Interruption” which pays for prepaid travel expenses and any
additional costs incurred if you have to end your trip early. Also check for “Missed Connections” which
can easily occur due to a hurricane, and “Travel Delay” which covers reasonable expenses incurred for
any travel delays due to a hurricane.

Bottom line is to be smart and keep informed so that you can enjoy your vacation in the best way