Beach Safety When Swimming with Children

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It is always wise to practice safety when swimming with children (or with just adults for that matter), but
it is even more imperative to take precautions and practice certain safety measures when you are at the

The ocean is a very beautiful and volatile entity. While it offers days full of gentle breezes and calm
shores, it also presents some very dangerous elements that can be even more potentially harmful to

One of the most dangerous is riptides, which even adults can have an extremely hard time overcoming.
It goes without saying that you should never leave your child unattended, but also make sure that you
and your children swim in front of a lifeguard, that your children wear coastguard approved life jackets
or vests, and that you check the weather for strong currents before venturing out for a swim.

If you and/or your child ARE ever caught in a riptide, do not swim against it. Riptides are way too strong
to beat head on. You need to parallel to the shore. It may seem farther, but you will actually avoid tiring
yourself against the powerful grips of these nasty tides.

The beach, while beautiful as well, has its own set of potential dangers, including sharp shells, crabs and
jellyfish that have washed ashore. Just keep a sharp eye out for these pesky problems and you should be
good to go. However, also keep in mind that the shoreline is vast and it only takes an instant to become
separated from a child. Stay vigilant when it comes to keeping your eyes on the prize.