Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Children Unattended at the Beach

Sandpiper Amenities

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If we think about all of the potential dangers in the world today, it can be overwhelming, particularly when it comes to what is most precious to us – our kids. There are food allergies, harmful bacteria, bugs that can cause diseases, tree houses that seem too high, bicycles that go way too fast and crazy people…I could go on and on.

When it comes to the safety of our children, there is one very important word to the wise when you are on vacation. Keep a watchful eye on your children when you are at the beach. Things can happen fast when it comes to kids, especially at the beach.

Although the beaches surrounding Sandpiper Condominiums do not allow vehicles, there are portions of New Smyrna Beach that are open to vehicles and allow driving on the beach. These areas are clearly marked and speeds are limited, but as we all know, mistakes can happen. So, if you are soaking up the sun with your children somewhere other than in front of Sandpiper Condos, keep an eye out for vehicles on the beach.

Weather is also an important factor at the beach and another thing to which we want to pay close attention. Did you know that if you hear thunder, the rule is to get to safety because you may be in the path of a lightning strike? Storms can brew very quickly, so keep an eye to the sky. Rip currents are also very hazardous. Check the beach reports before heading out, and know your beach indicators. A double red flag means the beach is closed, one red flag means high hazard, a yellow flag is medium hazard, green is low hazard, but exercise caution and purple indicates dangerous marine life.

Ah, but I promise, a day at the beach is not all menace and mayhem. New Smyrna Beach can be one of the world’s most beautifully delightful places when we keep our children safe.