What to Do with Your Shells

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From your Uncle Al’s work boots; to that gamey fragrance that can only be claimed by the high school locker room; and that no longer definable item with the green tint you found toward the back of your refrigerator…no one likes stink!

Something else that has major stink potential is a seashell. That’s right! Those pretty shells you find on the beautiful beaches can pack one heck of a powerful punch when it comes to odor. 

As we all know, seashells were once the home of a sea creature; and that unfortunate soul (or a portion of it, anyway) may still be lodged within your shell. As you might guess, rotting snail meat or other still moist organic material derived from the sea can create a less than desirable aroma; but there is something you can do.

After you have collected your shells, first make certain you have no lively (or not so lively) little critters inside. Then, there are a couple good ways to eliminate the smells from your shells! The hot way is to boil them in water for a few minutes. The cool way to get rid of the stink is to create a drying powder from some stuff you already have in your cupboard…just 3 parts table salt and one part baking soda. Fill and coat your seashells with that mixture, place them in an airtight container or plastic bag and just pop them in the freezer.

We wish you good luck and great smells!