What Is a Snowbird and Why We Love Them

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Snow geese nest in the frigid arctic regions of Canada and Alaska. They travel long distances to nest in warmer coastal areas over the course of the winter months, following the same route and choosing the same nesting ground year after year. After the coldest months, they take to the air once again to begin their long trek northward. They arrive and leave en masse, and their flight is a glorious sight.

This too can be said of our beloved Florida snowbirds; and these are just some of the reasons we love them so…

These seasonal migrators funnel money into our local economy by patronizing our restaurants and local retail establishments; enjoying our entertainment, tourist attractions and other local activities and even by doing more mundane things like grocery shopping, buying gas and paying taxes.

Our welcome winter visitors also help to make New Smyrna Beach a burgeoning area by expanding the real estate market. Some even contribute by taking on seasonal employment or give back by volunteering.  

Florida snowbirds also come in all shapes and sizes. Did you know that John D. Rockefeller – who spent his winters in Ormond Beach beginning in 1914 – was one of the first snowbirds? 

Sandpiper Condominiums, situated just steps from the pristine white sand beaches of New Smyrna Beach, would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to our winter visitors. We love you most of all because you are some of our most cherished guests. Enjoy your stay!