Traveling in the Face of Covid-19

Sandpiper Amenities

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Our “situation” today is constantly changing, affecting everything we do including travel. However, there are things you can do when you travel to keep yourself safer in the face of Covid-19. 

First, you should check up-to-date state and local health department travel guidelines so that you know if your destination has shelter in place orders or quarantine mandates. 

Now let’s talk about limiting your exposure. One very good way to limit your exposure to Covid-19 while traveling is to choose your accommodations wisely. See if you can book, check-in and pay remotely – online or by phone. Ask if the staff and maintenance crew are required to wear facemasks, what Covid-19 prevention practices have been put into place and about the cleaning and disinfecting policies where you plan to stay. 

Remember to pack enough hand sanitizer for your stay, making certain it contains at least 70% alcohol. The less stops you make along your way to your destination – for gas, food and bathroom breaks, the better, limiting your interaction with people and commonly touched surfaces. When you reach your accommodations, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and avoid other common areas – like hotel lobbies – so you will be less apt to run into people who may be contagious.

If you can, opt for staying in one place, limiting your contact with others – a place like The Sandpiper. Aside from offering you resort-style, ocean view amenities just steps from the beach, a Sandpiper condominium will afford you the luxury of preparing your meals in your own state-of-the-art kitchen and enjoying them in your beautifully adorned and spacious dining area…if you so choose or if restaurants are closed at the time you happen to travel. During your stay at The Sandpiper, you can also easily enjoy a meal provided through contactless delivery. Since there is a washer and dryer in every unit, you can conveniently and continually wash and sanitize your facemasks and clothes as well. 

Finally, when you are on vacation, as always, clean your hands with soap and water for at least 20 minutes, especially after you have been in a public place, possibly come in contact with frequently touched surfaces and before touching your face or eating. Keep at least six feet of distance between you and others whenever you can and wear a facemask in public.