Tips for Exploring Our Beautiful Beach

Sandpiper Amenities

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Beach time is always a fun time; and it’s even better when you are careful to do a few important things…

The most important tip for exploring beautiful New Smyrna Beach is to leave it the way you found it. Don’t leave any trash and don’t disturb what could be nesting grounds for turtles, birds and other wildlife. In other words – as locals like to say – leave only your footprints behind.

It’s also good to learn the tides. Knowing when the tides rise and fall can keep you safe, as well as increase your fun quotient. Fishing, clamming, sunning and so many more enjoyable activities are affected by the tides.

Choose your beach wisely. For instance, if you like to boogie board and your bladder is tiny, park it on a beach that offers rentals and restrooms.

Watch out for dangerous currents. Check which flags are flying and know what they mean. Same goes for thunderstorms. Check the weather before you head out, and keep an eye to the sky for safety sake.

The sun is strong in New Smyrna Beach, so don’t forget the sunscreen. UV rays are strongest at midday, so for added safety, you can plan your beach time earlier or later to avoid that midday sun.

Remember to hydrate. Hot beach days can deplete your electrolytes, so drink plenty of water. Sand proof snacks – anything in squeeze pouches or re-sealable bags – are also a hit at the beach.

Then just go ahead and enjoy! It’s hard not to in New Smyrna Beach!