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The Sandpiper Condominiums in New Smyrna Beach have put a few rules into place in the best interests of our owners and guests. Simply based on courtesy and common sense, these rules and regulations were created to keep everyone at The Sandpiper happy and safe.

First and foremost, please treat everyone at The Sandpiper in the manner in which you would like to be treated.

In general, no annoyances or nuisances which may disrupt other guests are permitted; and parents are responsible for the behavior of their children. 

Children are not permitted to play or race on walkways, stairs or in and around parking lots. This rule was put into place largely for the safety of those children as well as our other guests.

Please keep noise to a minimum, especially between the hours of 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. This includes stereo, television and radio volume.

There is no smoking permitted inside The Sandpiper units (except by their owners, though that is discouraged as well) or outdoors on the grounds. 

Owners who rent their own units to guests must inform The Sandpiper office in advance and those renters must check in upon arrival for registration and a parking permit. Additionally, when an owner allows overnight guests to use their unit while they are not in residence, those guests must also register and obtain a parking permit at The Sandpiper office. Guests who are not using the interior of an owner’s unit are not permitted to use other portions of The Sandpiper property, including the pool or beach access.

Advance notice of group functions is required, along with information including the type of function and number of attendees expected so that The Sandpiper office can provide any hosting instructions or requirements as well as parking permits.

Plus, don’t forget the most important Sandpiper rules of all…Have fun and enjoy your stay!