Sandpiper Amenities

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Luxury : On the border of this magnificent ocean, in the midst of the romantic scenery which surrounds it, and nestled in a secluded area of Volusia County is the World’s Safest Beach on which is erected the Sandpiper Condominiums. As a retreat for the accommodations of visitors and for the resort of pleasure parties at all seasons, the Sandpiper is close to everything in Florida. It’s an easy drive to Orlando, within minutes of Daytona, the Kennedy Space Center and St. Augustine, Florida, America’s most historic city.

This is the good life. Long lazy days of summer brimming with sunshine, outstanding scenery, good food and drink, a comfortable bed, congenial company and competent service. And scheduled activities notwithstanding, it is perfectly permissible to sit and rock all day on one of those lovely balconies watching faint breezes ruffle the placid surface of the ocean or fleecy clouds drifting across the summer sky.

The Sandpiper Condominiums is a maker of memories. Over the years it has attracted thousands of visitors, whose combined recollections of clean water and pure air and gentle sunshine and outstanding scenery would fill volumes.

Renting or owning one of these ocean front condos is pure heaven. We see so many of our guests eating their breakfasts on the balconies, drinking their coffee as they plan their day. When lunchtime arrives, our clients are out experiencing the hospitality of our excellent restaurants which are mostly child friendly, outdoor eating and the food is outstanding.

At dinner time you’ll find our guests relaxing back on their balconies, sipping their wine and waiting for dinner. It’s probably the best time to witness luxury at The Sandpiper.

Our Condos are conveniently located on 5501 S. Atlantic Ave New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169, where we are surrounded by fabulous restaurants and shops that will keep you coming back for more. Call us sat 386-424-6000.