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Gorgeous beaches with gentle breezes, warm ocean temperatures and loads of fresh sunshine make New Smyrna Beach, Florida one of the most appealing vacation spots on the planet. There is plenty to do year-round, but the temperatures and prices can vary from season to season.

Some people prefer to avoid the whole tourist thing. Off-season in Florida is less crowded, but there is still plenty of great weather. If you are a family with children and you are looking for an affordable vacation, New Smyrna Beach in the off-season is a great solution. You can get some really great discounts May through October. Maybe you’re just an individual looking for a good deal. Either way, Florida in the off-season can save you up to approximately 65% on accommodations…and that is not even taking into account your airfare savings!

If you like warmer weather without the crowds (tourist season doubles the population in most Florida towns), April and May are wonderful months in New Smyrna Beach. The average temperature is usually in the 70s and you can avoid most of the tourists.

If cooler weather is your thing, you will want to wait until after summer. November is a great month – when you’ve lost the summer humidity and traded higher temperatures for more temperate ones. The tourist season starts in November and ends in April, and there is certainly a good reason a ton of people pile into Florida at the same time. In the winter months, Florida has the best weather in our entire country!

Holidays are also a magical time of year in New Smyrna Beach. Holiday celebrations begin at Thanksgiving and continue through the entire month of December until New Year’s Eve. Imagine enjoying Christmas day on the beach! Just remember that availability is low and prices are higher, so if you want to experience the holidays in Florida, make your plans early!