Keeping a Travel Log

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Keeping a travel log is an excellent way to capture and share your travel experiences…and there are
simple ways to transform drab journal entries into content that jumps of the page and comes to life.
First, document your itinerary. Then you can fill each section with your personal, unique memories as
you go. Write down descriptive snippets…not just what you see, but how the light breezes in Rome carry
the scent of roasting tomatoes and garlic. Delve into what you discovered and how it made you feel.

Don’t just mention that you visited St. Peter’s Basilica, but that the complex nuances of its Baroque
architecture made your heart stop for an instant. You could stop for coffee, or you could taste the bold,
rich flavors of your first espresso under the shade of umbrella in an open air bistro. Get the difference?
There are even Apps out there that can help – like Day One. Day One is a journal App for IOS devices
that will enable you to take notes, auto-link to web addresses, upload images and auto-capture time
location and weather. Or, you can go old school and enter your journal entries into a leather-bound
notebook that will look great on a shelf and never be in danger of disappearing when your back-up files
somehow mysteriously disappear.

Travel is an adventure, and it’s nice to record your personal reflections on that adventure. Just think, 10
or 20 years from now, cracking open that book, will also make you crack open a smile.