Is Travel Insurance Worth It? Yes!

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A trip without travel insurance is like a Valentine’s Day card without the mushy sentiment. What good is that? No good. Just like a ruined trip that you can’t enjoy for any number of reasons. I don’t know what your life is like, but mine is filled with ups and downs and all sorts of unexpected bumps (and huge potholes) in the proverbial road.

In this crazy world, who could be without travel insurance? It covers things like family illness, if you become sick or get hurt while traveling, medical evacuation (which can be exorbitant depending on where you travel) work emergencies, lost luggage, trip delays and missed flights. 

Travel insurance can even cover inclement weather. Say, for example, that a hurricane hits the area you planned to visit. It’s certainly nice if that unforeseen, unfortunate event is covered by travel insurance!

And, in most cases, you can choose any type of travel insurance plan that fits your particular needs and budget. For instance, Travel Guard, an AIG company with a 4.6 star rating and voted “Best Travel Insurance for 2020, offers its “Essential Plan” that covers the basics, a “Preferred Plan” with expanded coverage and a “Deluxe Plan” with 24 hour a day premium global travel assistance services. 

Travel insurance through reputable companies like Travel Guard also comes with a satisfaction, money-back guarantee. Feel free to check to see what each plan specifically covers at