Have You Heard of Pickleball?

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Lately, it seems, there are not many people who haven’t heard of it. Pickleball, a sport that looks a bit like ping-pong, but is played on a court similar to tennis, has been gaining popularity at lightning speed.

Pickleball is fun, healthy and simple to learn. You can play pickleball one-on-one or two-against-two. Solid paddles are used to hit a whiffle ball over a net.  Then you just need to follow a few simple rules: Use an underarm serve; points can only be scored on the serve; and teammates have to switch places after each point. You win when you reach eleven, as long as you are ahead by at least two.

Fun pickleball facts: Some say the game of pickleball is named for pickleboats because it reminded pickleball inventor Joel Pritchard of a pickle boat made up of a crew of leftovers from other boats. Others believe pickleball was named after Pritchard’s dog, Pickles. Pickleball was first invented in the 1960s as a backyard game for children. Since pickleball is played on a small court only requiring limited movement, it has evolved into a game that is enjoyable for everyone – no matter their age.

The Sandpiper condominium complex in New Smyrna Beach not only offers a pickleball court, but shuffleboard and tennis courts, as well as a putting green, a beautiful seaside pool area and ocean view accommodations just steps from the beach. Schedule your stay and you can play for yourself!