Geothermal Swimming Pool

Sandpiper Amenities

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Forward-thinking and consistently focused on making environmentally sound decisions for its owners, its guests and its beautiful surroundings in our treasured New Smyrna Beach, The Sandpiper oceanfront condos provide a geothermal heated swimming pool as just one more amazing amenity within a list of many.

A non-fossil fuel energy source, a geothermal swimming pool is one of the smartest energy choices one can make when it comes to an environmentally-friendly pool. Swimming pools heated by a geothermal heat pump, drawing its power from the earth, is the ideal way to harness renewable energy; and its dependability is unsurpassed, because as long as the earth exists, so will this source of energy.

Plus, not only is the green alternative of geothermal swimming pool heating an exceptional way of conserving our natural resources and one which operates with an incomparably low carbon footprint, it is an incredibly efficient heating system. In fact, pools with geothermal heating systems can significantly reduce heating costs – as much as five to six times as much!

But, believe it or not, geothermal heating for swimming pools is even more remarkable. A geothermal heating system for a pool can last a lifetime and utilizing the earth’s natural heat in this manner also requires minimal maintenance. Additionally, besides the fact that it requires no fuel, it is a very quiet method of heating a pool, offering guests of The Sandpiper yet another source of comfort and serenity.