Geocaching in New Smyrna Beach

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Geocaching…Something Fun that Is Really “Caching” on in New Smyrna Beach!

Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunt. It can be a new way to explore while on vacation or simply a fun adventure for the whole family!

The term geocaching combines geographic and cache – which comes from the French word meaning to conceal. It’s the sport of searching for and finding a hidden object with GPS coordinates posted on a web site…a real, live treasure hunt!

Here’s the deal, a traditional geocache contains a logbook. When you find it, you enter the date and your established code name and place it back exactly where you found it. Geocaches in larger containers may include trinkets or toys. Feel free to exchange one for equal or greater value. There are several types of geocaches, including a mystery or puzzle cache. For this one, you have to solve a mystery or puzzle in order to determine GPS coordinates for your hunt. Or there’s the multi cache – one where the first cache includes clues to reach a second destination, and so on.

Geocaches are quite diverse and can be found all over the world. It is common for caches to be hidden in a place of meaning or special interest to the person who hides it. Caches can be found anywhere from a park, to a beach …maybe even under water!