Embrace Shoulder Season

Sandpiper Amenities

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Thinking of planning a vacation during peak season along Florida’s majestic coast, but don’t really want to deal with crowds or higher travel prices? Consider booking your stay at The Sandpiper in New Smyrna Beach during shoulder season. The Sandpiper Condominiums offer ocean view accommodations with amazing amenities just steps from the beach AND, during shoulder season, you can have the best of all worlds…

First of all, shoulder season is a much cheaper time to travel. As long as you don’t book your travel too close to a holiday, airplane tickets will cost you less, as will your accommodations and even other items such as car rentals and many attraction ticket prices since they are in less demand at that time.

Then there is the peaceful serenity that comes along with off-season. Crowds can really ramp up if you plan your vacation in a popular destination area during peak season – which is typically considered mid-December through mid-April – and who really wants that, right? Shoulder season affords you the opportunity to walk into a restaurant without a reservation and sit right down. Get the tee time you prefer without a problem, walk and shop the quaint streets of New Smyrna unencumbered and enjoy the serenity that only the beautiful beaches and undisturbed wildlife during New Smyrna Beach’s shoulder season can provide.

Plus, the weather is typically wonderfully temperate that time of year. By booking your Sandpiper oceanfront vacation during shoulder season, you will avoid the rainy season and you can still escape the cold!