Don’t Forget Souvenirs for the Folks Back Home

Sandpiper Amenities

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When it’s time for vacation, it’s time to go hog wild. Enjoy yourself! Find Your Zen! Get a tan! Bust a move! Take in a show! Snorkel! Go fishing! Just remember that whatever you do, you can’t forget the souvenirs for your poor work buddies who are slaving away while you are catching waves; your loving parents who raised you to be the fine person you have come to be; and your friends…wait, no! That’s so funny. They are here with you! Forget that one!

Anyway, you get the idea. It’s a nice thing to bring back some cool trinkets for the people back home, and New Smyrna Beach (NSB) is a great place for that. In NSB, you can buy art created by talented local artists, wine from the local winery and golf accessories from any number of pretty posh pro shops. There’s jewelry made from local shells and gems; must-have beachwear and surf gear.

Get a t-shirt with your favorite NASCAR driver on it at the Daytona International Speedway (that’s only minutes away) or a baseball cap with a shark bite (Shark attacks are prevalent here, but it’s one of the most popular surfing spots in the world. You do the math.)

Grab some beachy home décor from Island Collector or The Vintage Mermaid. Opt for something sweet from Beachside Candy Shop. Oh wait, we are forgetting someone…YOU! Get a bitchin tattoo from one of our cool tat shops. You can get it all in New Smyrna Beach.