Ditch the Chain Restaurants and Experience Local Cuisine

Sandpiper Amenities

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Catch of the day grilled to perfection, fresh rock shrimp piled high and dripping with butter, clams on the half shell or steamed and garlicky…all this and more served at a table that overlooks the ocean; authentic Mexican cuisine such as warm, handmade tortillas filled with spicy meats and sauces and fresh guacamole; gourmet Italian fare including lasagna made with bits of filet and oozing with cheese, lobster Fra Diavolo served over homemade linguini that melts in your mouth and freshly baked bread that is just perfect for dipping. Now doesn’t that sound better than a chain restaurant that serves food that is frozen and precooked, and lacks any semblance of ambiance? You bet it does!

Enjoy a tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of many of the delightful dining venues in New Smyrna Beach. The local cuisine in New Smyrna Beach is something everyone should have the chance to experience. Thinking about breakfast? There are Belgian waffles and fresh bagels made to order on beachside, and frittatas stuffed full of your favorite veggies and piled high pancakes topped with fresh fruit on historic Canal Street. How about romantic outdoor dining bistro-style or feasting on grouper caught that very same day at a trendy beachside venue? Try “treetop” noshing with ocean views at Norwood’s Treetop Bar. The happy hour there includes colossal shrimp cocktail that will knock your socks off!

So hang up your hankering for a Big Mac or the latest Kentucky Fried Five Dollar Fill-Up and dive into the local delicacies of New Smyrna Beach. Your taste buds will do a happy dance!