Beaches and Sunglasses

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There are many benefits to sunglasses, one of which is that they are an excellent fashion accessory. So, wear those shades, complement your wardrobe and go from elegant, to retro, to rocker in an instant depending on which frames you choose!

Not only can sunglasses make a stylish statement, wearing sunglasses is also a matter of safety. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from dirt and debris, including any beach sand blowing in the ocean breeze. 

Sunglasses can also protect us from sun glare which can be unforgiving as it reflects off the ocean and may be more damaging than one might think. Sun glare can cause discomfort, dizziness, eye pain and trigger headaches and migraines. Additionally, and most importantly, sunglasses can protect us from ultraviolet (UV) light, which can cause permanent harm to the eye lens, retina and cornea. Severe UV ray damage can result in impaired vision, cataracts and even cancer.

Some sunglasses are prescription which can help you spot that buff guy way down the beach or a fin (hopefully belonging to a dolphin) skimming the water’s surface in the distance. Even when sunglasses do not have prescription lenses, they absorb harsh light, helping us see better.

No matter what the season or whether you are enjoying a day at the beach, dining al fresco or driving to your vacation destination, sunglasses can ease the strain on your eyes, improving your comfort and quite possibly your entire day!